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at Green Boutiques and on e-shop


Football season ticket


for Football Academy monthly fee


on partner's products and services


for ALL other sports departments of the Club


Gifts, surprises and additional extra benefits

How it works

Privilege card rewards you for your loyalty as OMONOIA FAN

Privilege Card holders can enjoy privileges and discounts on products and services from our merchandising products, as well as from our partners network in all cities.

Get Privilege Card with a simple registration process and enjoy the benefits.

What makes Privilege Card great is that it costs only €40 yearly for adults and €20 yearly for children under 14. This fee not only depreciated instantly -with discount on Season Ticket renewal- but it offers to the holder much more benefits!

With the Privilege Card get discount on the Season Ticket for football team , enjoy at least 20% discount on merchandising product on Green Boutique, get 10% discount on Football Academy fees , enjoy discounts on services and products of our partners in all cities, get a FREE Season Ticket for the other sports departments of the Club, enter prize draws with gifts, as well as much more discounts and privileges!

Over time, a reward scheme web based platform will be developed in order to offer the points and reward reediming experience


Platinum Suites
Aλέκου Κωνσταντίνου 3, 2800, Κακοπετριά
20% διαμονή για κάθε βράδυ
Coffee Island Έγκωμης
28ης Οκτωβρίου 54Β 2414,Λευκωσία
15% Take Away & Seat Inn
Marela Trend
28ης Οκτωβρίου 54A, 2414, Λευκωσία
50% Έκπτωση
Λεωφόρος Στροβόλου 47, Kyros Tower, 2ος όροφος, 2018, Λευκωσία
15% Σε ασφαλιστικά προγράμματα ζωής και υγείας
Χρίστου Κυθρεώτη 9, Καϊμακλί, Λευκωσία


Join our big family and become a partner to promote your products and services to the huge fan base of Privilege Card Holders. Follow the simple steps to show your interest and we will contact you the soonest!


The Privilege Card is a card through which you are rewarded for your loyalty to OMONIA, receiving discounts and offers on services and products of OMONIA and our partners.

Get the Privilege Card online with a simple registration procedure, or by visiting a Green Boutique store in Nicosia (2) and Limassol.

Privilege Card costs €40 per year for adults and 20€ for persons under the age of 14 . This fee not only depreciated instantly -with discount on Season Ticket purchase/renewal- but it offers to the holder much more benefits!

With Privilege Card you receive a significant discount on Seatons Ticket purchase/renewal, on merchandising products at Green Boutique, on Football Academy yearly fees, you are getting free Season Ticket for all other sports teams of the Club (futsal, football, basketball, women’s football, etc.), you participating in monthly draws with gifts and much other surprises.

A long list of Privilege Card partners/businesses from all over Cyprus which you get discounts on products and services. This list is weekly updated with new partnerships, products and services. You can find all partners in a special section on this page.

Privilege Card membership is valid for one year. After the expiry date renewal of the membership is needed to continue receiving benefits and discounts are included.

Yes, you can follow Privilege Card registration process Online. Upon successful completion of the registration process, Privilege Card will be delivered at the address of your choice or you can pick it up card by visiting one of our our stores.

Yes, with the discount on your Season Ticket, you will over-depreciate the annual cost of Privilege Card.

If you get Privilege card and you dont buy a Season Ticket, you over-depreciate the annual cost fee of the Card by the discount you will have on merchandising products (Jerseys,hoodies,scarves,flags e.t.c) at Green Boutique, with the discount on Football Academy fees , with the FREE Season Ticket of other sports departments of the Club and with several discounts on products and services from the partners of Privilege Card Scheme.

During Green Boutique Sales period, Privilege card holders will receive an additional 20 % discount on the existing offers. If for example there are sales in the Green Boutique of 20%, then Privilege card holders will receive 20% + 20%, i.e. 40% discount!

Privilege Card holders who are under 14 years of age they can get their own Season Ticket for only €5 (* the Premium, Gold and VIP sections of the West stand are excluded).

Yes, we are developing the infrastructure to launch an application, where the Privilege Card holder can use for his/her season tickets, match tickets, official products release notification, academy news, partner products. By using this app holder will be rewarded with points that will be redeemable in various ways.